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Have you ever read the Bible?

Posted by disciples2christ on June 23, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Have you ever read the Bible?
This is not to preach to you, but to let you know. That the Bible has all the answers.
People ask. " What is the meaning of life?"
And it's all there. I suggest that you read the new testament. The old testament is very good and historical.
But can be very hard to read. And should be read at least once in your life. But the new testament covers what the old testament wrote about. And after your read it. Start over again, and again. Everyday.
And the things that happened in the new testament was foretold by profits such as King David and Isaiah hundreds even over a thousand years before Yeshua. The reason why were here on earth, is that everything is a test. A trial run. To test our character. Know that we are Immortal. Only our Body dies. The Bible calls our body a tent, but our heavenly body our home. Our soul is what gives us life and personality, will live on forever. Were it will live depends on how you lived here on earth. Theirs only two places where we can go. With Elohim in paradise. Or away from him in eternal darkness. Separated from Elohim.

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